timingEach of us has the most powerful device known to man. An idea.

Civilization is the sum of our ideas.  Ideas change the world and shape the future. Yet, ideas alone are powerless if never expressed. When we communicate ideas in ways that resonate, change happens.

However, the idea must come from a driving force and clear conviction. The idea must have an evangelist.  Most importantly, it must be presented at the right time.

There is a process, a rhythm, a science to it.  Communications is a two-way street.  But humans respond emotionally to cues that have almost nothing to do with content and everything to do with message timing.  This is why great symphonies, films and speeches become transcendent.

Within a campaign, we take into consideration the public’s moods, engagement and interest in absorbing information.  Nancy Duarte’s brilliant deconstruction of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech is a clinic on the power of  timing.  Careful timing is often the difference between being invisible and becoming influential.


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