Crisis Communications

Crisis CommunicationsStaying Out of the News – For most people, few things are more unwelcome than a phone call from a print journalist asking about bad news or being confronted by TV news cameras without any preparation.  The worst time to create a crisis communications plan is during a crisis.  The best time is now – when you don’t need it.

All-too-often, we don’t have a choice. Crisis happens.  By it’s nature, it’s always unexpected and it’s nearly impossible to prepare for perfectly.  So when it hits, it’s critical that you have someone with you who has been through it before and is thinking strategically using a cool head.

Modern Publicity starts with the basics – the truth.  Our objective is to get in front of the story by crafting a message which helps journalists explain to their audience clearly what is most important.  Your good reputation is paramount so we act with total integrity.  By making you a credible source of relevant information, we give you the tools to ensure the bad news is replaced by your integrity, humanity and genuine concern.  We transform crisis into opportunity.

One crisis is enough.  Preventing public communications from feeding an even bigger crisis is key.  Modern Publicity gives you the power to keep the world from changing you.


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