profileCall me directly at 619.779.5316 to schedule our initial “29-minute” free consultation. We just chitchat a bit while I take notes. From there, I write an action plan for you which serves as your communications blueprint. It is yours with no strings attached. If we decide to work together, the action plan plus your edits becomes our work contract based on sliding scale rates starting at just $50 hour/$500 month. Like any independent contractor, I charge more for the same work if you’re rude, mean or lazy and charge less if by helping you I’m helping others. What’s most important is to take action today by scheduling a consultation.

Monthly vs. Hourly

  •  Crisis
    1. 30-Day, 24/7 crisis campaign: $5,000-$20,000Crisis Communications
    2. Half-day crisis communications training: $750
    3. Hourly: $200 | FREE Crisis Email Template
  •  Political
    1. Message development: $500-$5,000  [determined by complexity, scope and urgency] 
    2. Half day staff media retreat: $950
    3. Hourly: $150 | FREE Voter Interwebs Outreach Plan
  •  Government
    • Media policy guidance: $1,000-$10,000
    • Half day media policy training: $750
    • Hourly: $150 | FREE Constituent email template
  •  Branding
    • Message development: Determined by complexity, scope and urgency.
    • Special event : $950
    • Hourly: $150 | FREE Seven Steps to Publicityshowing book
  • Marketing (HubSpot Inbound)
    • Conceptualization | Ideation | Creative
    • Project Management | Budgets and Billings | Staff
    • Six-month retainer contract billed at $50 hour: $800-$80,000 | FREE HubSpot Template





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