R.I.P. Maximillian

Facebook Post March 28th, 2011, by a high school friend Laurie Lola Andersen:

Woke up this morning and found our dog Max has gone up to heaven… My heart is broken but at peace to know he had a long fun-filled life with us.R.I.P Maximillian – You will be dearly missed

Paul OSullivan Hey Max, thanks for the love and loyalty for our friend Laurie and her family. Please be on lookout for an ol’ golden retriever named Jack. On Tuesday, he goes to the groomer to be pampered. On Wednesday, he’s enjoying an entire Costco chicken with the family and vanilla wafers for dessert. On Thursday morning, he’ll fall asleep in my arms. But, just before he does, I’ll whisper in his ear to look you up. My guess is the two of you will be good friends in no time. He’ll be the one with vanilla cookie-breath.

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